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Issue 156


Fantasy vs. reality: design lessons learned on the job
Most of your design work has nothing to do with pixels and everything to do with working as part of a team to solve a problem for people.

Letter to a Junior Designer
Things Eli Silva wish he knew the first day of his design journey.

Designing with AI
Lessons learned designing an artificial intelligence–enabled experience.

Apple is really bad at design
Apple seems to have lost its knack for either envisioning the future, or expertly ripping off the people who do.

Journey Mapping is Key to Gaining Empathy
Key learnings you’ll gain from using journey maps in your process.

Learnings from Product Design Interviews
Learnings learned from interviewing at companies like Dropbox, Google, Lyft, and others.

Moving From Graphic Design to UX Design
A roadmap for graphic designers to become UX designers.

Building a large-scale design system
How a team of designers and developers created a design system for the U.S. government.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Designer Without Going To Design School
Is design for you and what are your options?


Get 3 Free Months of Online UX Design Courses
The Interaction Design Foundation has over 30 online UX Design courses; here are 8 reasons to join their global design community.

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Tools and Resources

The Ultimate List of Product & Design Resources to Understand the Tech Ecosystem
Resources to understand the conversations, perspectives, ideas, and people moving the world of product and design forward.

Reduce App
Compress huge Sketch files in an instant.

Good Microcopy
Effective examples of copy that’s clear, concise and sometimes quirky.

Voyage UI Kit
A free travel-themed UI kit that’s fully interactive and made for Framer.

iOS 11 Glyphs
Free iOS 11 tab bar icons.


Making New Designers with Laura Klein – User Defenders podcast
Laura Klein paints a picture of what the future of UX Design looks like, letting others do the research and the value of specialization.

How Dropbox Onboards New Users
Dropbox got a bolder redesign. Here’s a look at how they onboard users on their mobile app.

UX Portfolio

Alexandre Trimoulet
Alexandre Trimoulet is a French Product Designer. His portfolio features his work on design systems and product design, his side projects & more.

Last But Not Least

Years after Avatar’s release, there’s one thing Steven (played by Ryan Gosling) just can’t get over.

“Ease of use may be invisible, but its absensce sure isn’t.”

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