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Issue 155


How Designers Turn Into Design Leaders
Design leadership doesn’t necessarily mean design management.

Study: Clean Design Really Is Better
A look at 300 e-commerce sites showed that the cleaner the design, the lower the bounce rate.

More Padding, Please!
The power of white space in product design.

An Introduction to Interaction Flows
Could interaction flows be a key to smoother design/developer handoffs?

But sometimes links look like buttons (and buttons look like links)
Looking at the four types of buttons/links.

Stop doing user interviews. Start having conversations.
The case for relaxing in user research.

Start With a Conceptual Model
The design of an information environment shouldn’t begin with its UI.

Tools and Resources

Symbols & Styleguides
A free template that could be your future starting point for every User Interfaces in Sketch.

AI color tool for designers to discover, search, & save color combinations.

A Five Minutes Guide to Better Typography
Helpful tips when thinking about type.

Figma’s Live Embed Kit
Add real-time Figma designs & prototypes to any website or tool.

Photon Design System
Firefox’s approach to designing and building modern, intuitive, delightful experiences.


40 books to maximize your creative potential and level-up in design
A list for designers who feel stuck, need inspiration or hungry for knowledge.

Design Notes Podcast
A podcast about creative work and what it teaches us, hosted by Google’s Liam Spradlin.

UX Portfolio

George Hastings
George is a Senior Interaction Designer at IDEO who is passionate about solving interesting problems.

Last But Not Least

The real challenge product designers are facing
Keeping the highest quality standards while solving all of the interruptions that come in the way.

“Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.”
— Thomas Carlyle