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Issue 150


Designers are using “dark UX” to turn you into a sleep-deprived internet addict
When is design too engaging for users’ own good?

A quick beginner’s guide to drawing
6 drawing exercises to get you started right now.

Are app reviews worth reading?
What Dropbox writer, Jon Saito, learned from reading thousands of app reviews.

Design Principles: a guide to less shitty feedback
Why you need design principles, how to set them, and use them.

Toolkit of a Product Designer
Picking the right tools for a better design workflow.

The Airbnb Tool That’s Changing UI Design
Uber, Google, Instacart, and others are all adopting Airbnb’s prototyping tool, Lottie.

Conversation Design: Speaking the Same Language
Six principles of human conversation for Voice User Interface design.

Tools & Resources

Bringing Sketch and After Effects closer together
Two new animation workflow tools from UX Motion Design at Google.

Modern Pictograms for Lottie
For more, check out this collaboration with the The Noun Project on open-source animated icons.

Interface font family
A font for highly legible text on computer screens.

Free User Experience Templates To Use
A collection of templates that use free tools like Google Docs or as the platform.

Incoming Feedback by Hotjar
Instant visual feedback for your website or app.


Animation at Work
Rachel Nabors guides you through the anatomy of web animations, patterns, and communication decisions across teams.

Working with Non-Designers — Users Know Podcast
How designers can talk to people who aren’t designers.

UX Portfolio

Zarya Faraj
Zarya is a product designer specializing in the design of data-heavy enterprise tools and consumer applications.

Last But Not Least

The State of Design
Bla bla bla bla blaaa blaaa bla blaa blaaaaaa bla bla bla blaaa bla bla blaa bla?

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
— Henry David Thoreau