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Issue 147

Next month, the iPhone will be 10 years old. With rumors of an edge-to-edge screen and no physical home button, Max Rudberg took a crack at what it could mean for the next UI. Meanwhile, the smartphone generation is shifting behavior and becoming less happy. A good reminder to put down the phone and enjoy real world interaction.


Should you invent a new UX?
Don’t reinvent the wheel to be different. The goal is to be significantly better.

How to Write a Perfect Error Message
The 3 vital parts of every good error message.

Experience Design is Human-Centered; Our Metrics Should Be, Too
Regularly measuring customer impact metrics does more to create customer advocacy than another corporate presentation.

Hey Designer, why so fragile?
Constructive feedback can be an opportunity to improve your work and grow.

Choosing the Right Features with Kano Model
How to create products that will meet our users’ expectations.

Soft Skills in UX Design Leadership
Hard skills aren’t what make a designer great. Greatness is quantified by soft skills, which many of us have a difficult time articulating.

17 Things I Wish I’d Known When Starting Out in UX Design
The tips that no one ever tells you.


Design Gurus Summit – Meet Silicon Valley’s most Creative People
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Tools & Resources

Freehand by InVision
A whole new way to collaborate creatively from InVision.

Sketch Plugin Beta for Lingo
A design system manager for Sketch.

Fiber UI Kit for Framer
An interactive UI Kit by Framer.

Share documents, lists, prototypes, and designs in one place.

Flashcards to Learn 168 Cognitive Biases
Flashcard sets to help you learn and remember various cognitive biases.

Stopwords in the user interface
The words that usually signal problems with the user interface.


The Art of Listening to People (and Users) – Design Your Thinking Podcast
Steve Portigal talks about the art of listening, user interviews, and how you should listen to users.

A Chat with Don Norman – UX Mastery Book Club
Don Norman joins a Q&A discussion about The Design of Everyday Things, UX, design culture, and using design for positive change.

Complexity — Users Know
How to take a feature that seems simple and showing how complicated it really is.

Matías Duarte’s Material World
An in-depth story on how Google’s VP of Design, Matias Duarte, shapes our experience everyday.

UX Portfolio

Vida Zhang
Vida is an incoming Product Designer at Facebook who shows her design work through her course work and passion projects.

Designing Contrast
Not a portfolio but a good case study in the creation of the Contrast app.

Last But Not Least

What Would Augment Reality?
UI ideas from a variety of folks inspired by Luke Wroblewski.

“It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.”
— Jony Ive

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