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Issue 146

This week it was announced that both Adobe Flash and MS Paint were coming to an end but following an outcray from fans, it looks like MS Paint is here to stay. What old school design tool do you never want to die?


How to identify Good Design in 6 steps
A list of principles that could define good design so it doesn’t have to be subjective.

The Golden Age of UX is Over
How to stay relevant in the new, mature era of digital product design.

The State Of The Mobile Customer Experience
In a world dominated by mobile-first companies like Uber and Lyft, retailers are playing catch up.

Are Notifications A Dark Pattern?
The phenomenon of pseudo-notifications and some thoughts on what the future might hold for notifications as a design pattern.

Best Practices for Homepage Links on websites
Logo design and placement, as well as the presence of a text link to the homepage affect success of navigation to homepage.

Tools & Resources

A list of designers willing to mentor you. Although Jared Spool says arranged mentorships usually fizzle out.

Figma 2.0
Figma released their newest version that makes it more of an all-in-one tool with prototyping and developer handoff features.

Principle 3
Principle updated their prototying tool with new features and improvements.

Another Lens
A research tool for conscientious creatives by Airbnb.


A Rather Comprehensive Collection of Design Podcasts
A list of podcasts on design and related subjects.

The role of story in experience design – Inside Intercom
Sequoia’s James Buckhouse talks about how storytelling and experience design are one in the same.

Empathy as a Service – UIE Podcast
Applying service design to the homelessness issue.

UX Portfolio

Jordan Caron
Jordan is a Product Designer at Venmo with case studies for a variety of products.

Last But Not Least

The Evolution of Trust
An interactive guide on why people no longer trust each other and how we can fix it based on game theory.

“Never delegate understanding.”
— Charles Eames