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Issue 141


A Mindful Design Process
How integrating mindfulness techniques will help you become a stronger designer and a more engaged team member.

Why Most Designers Fail Google’s Infamous Interview Design Challenge
Being a designer means fighting the presumptive reflex to truly understand the context of a problem.

There is No Design Metric
The uncomfortable truth that there is no success metric for design.

Getting Why, or Getting to Why?
A simple formula for getting to why the next time you are looking to discover or understand something.

7 things I wished designers did more of when working with developers
Empathy, communication, and organization are key to achieving your team’s vision.

How the Internet Killed Squares
The internet has shape preferences, and they’re more meaningful than you think.

Tools & Resources

Illustration UI
A directory of illustration UIs for product and branding.

Designing The Perfect Accordion
A look into the accordion design pattern and a checklist of considerations.

How to create a UX writing portfolio
What the UX writers at Dropbox look for.


Style Guide Podcast
Season 2 is back dedicated to all things style guides, design systems, pattern libraries and more.

Method Podcast
Prototyping, tools, and designers who code: A conversation with Jay Wong of Project Fi.

UX Portfolio

Kevin Clark
Kevin is a Product Designer at Shopify and co-host of the Layup podcast. His portfolio highlights his work, articles, and speaking engagements.

Last But Not Least

Different languages: How cultures around the world draw shapes differently
The way you draw a circle says a lot about you.

“Be stimulated by rejection.”
— Bob Gil