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Issue 140


How To Give Helpful Product Design Feedback
A framework to better guide our critiques of the changes, redesigns, and launches of our colleagues.

The Sneaky Psychology Of Apple Pay–And How It Could Cost You
Apple Pay’s design doesn’t prioritize the users when it comes to getting your money.

Building design process within teams
A practical workflow to manage design projects.

Alexa, Please Kill Me Now
Alan Cooper gives his thoughts on conversational UI.

Dropdowns: Design Guidelines
Dropdown boxes and menus are overused and clunky but can be useful for revealing a list of options or commands.

How We Design on the UberEATS Team
Using empathy, innovation, and an appetite for complex logistical challenges to design for food delivery.

Designing Facebook Spaces
A three part series in designing a new, social VR journey.


Bring mobile strategy to life with prototypes
Eighty-five percent of companies want to get mobile right. Less than 50% know how. Check out the infographic to learn the five behaviors that leading companies use to turn prototyping into a strategic capability.

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Tools & Resources

Helio by Zurb
Get reactions on your designs quickly so your team can focus on solving the right problems.

Eye-tracking for websites. See exactly what your users see.

Patterns for Framer
Framer added common native-level animations and transitions so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Must-Have Sketch Templates for New UX Designers
A list of Sketch templates for anyone who’s just getting started with UX design.


Jared Spool – High Resolution
Jared Spool discusses UX design’s coming of age, the true role design plays in a business, and more.

Samuel Hulick – User Defenders podcast
Samuel Hulick talks about how to build bridges for our users, onboarding, and how to always be learning.

Design in the Era of the Algorithm
Josh Clark talks about machine learning as the new frontier for all digital designers.

UX Portfolio

Stephanie Jeong
Stephanie is a product designer studying at Carnegie Mellon who shows her past internships and projects through detailed case studies.

Last But Not Least

Nutella ‘Hired’ an Algorithm to Design New Jars. And It Was a Sell-Out Success
A one of a kind design using dozens of patterns and thousands of color combinations.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”
— Sir Ken Robinson

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