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Issue 138

In this week’s issue, I was interviewed about prototyping, Mary Meeker released the 2017 Internet Trends Report, Framer is now an all-in-one tool, and much more. Enjoy!


All Thumbs, Why Reach Navigation Should Replace the Navbar in iOS Design
It’s time to move away from the navbar in favor of navigation within thumb-reach.

The mistakes we make in making the case for design.
An approach for making the case for design with lessons learned along the way from the Director of Product Design at Facebook .

Are design tasks ethical in a job interview?
Reasons not be afraid or offended by design tasks in a job interview process.

In the future, design principles won’t be about design
As the industry evolves, design principles will be more about users, and less about design.

The Illusion of Measuring What Customers Want
If someone claims they have a method that measures what customers want, they’re trying to scam you.

Design principle: Error & Forgiveness
The importance of preventing errors and forgiving them.

A guide to developing bot personalities
If personality is the new user experience, how do we approach the design of these digital bots?


Design amazing mobile experiences in three steps
Mobile engagement brings big business. But designing experiences for mobile screens is challenging. Check out the infographic, Three Steps for Making Human-Centric Mobile, and learn the winning formula that industry leaders use to deliver excellent mobile experiences.

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Tools & Resources
A brand-focused collection of user interface design examples.

Framer Design
Big update that brings design closer to code. Draw & create layouts in Framer, then switch to code to add interaction.

Internet Trends 2017 Report
Huge report on where the Internet is headed including many design related trends, such as design/developer ratios.

Wake – Free Plan
Wake announced a free plan for small teams to help share work.

56 Best Websites To Learn Something New
Broaden your UX learning with these great online courses.


Q&A with Bankrate’s Director of UX Design
I was interviewed about interactive prototyping, Fintech UX, and Bankrate’s UX design process.

Good designers write! – The Design Review Podcast
Why good writing skills are essential for doing good design. For more writing tips, check out Writing for UX.

Instagram Head of Design, Ian Spalter – High Resolution
Ian chats about agencies vs. startups, how to build a design team as a company matures, and how a company the size of Instagram manages to iterate so quickly.

UX Portfolio

Amanda Shearon
Amanda is a visual and experience designer who uses images and media to showcase her portfolio.

Last But Not Least

Design Thinking vs Design Sprints, what’s the difference?
The difference explained with food.

“Not everyone is a designer, but everybody has to have the user as their north star.”
— Phil Gilbert

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