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Issue 137


Google’s 3 Secrets To Designing Perfect Conversations
Learn from great conversationalist, hide “errors” the same way people do, and don’t fear strong personalities.

If You Want to Be Creative, Don’t Be Data Driven
3 ideas that will change the way you think about data.

How to Design Great UX for Sign Up Form
Some tips on designing forms through the whole process from start to submission. For more on form design, check out Better Form Design: One Thing Per Page.

Get any UX job with a stellar portfolio presentation
Advice from people at Amazon, Microsoft, Google and more.

Designing for Forgiveness
Help users make less errors through design.


Get 25% Off UX Design Courses
The Interaction Design Foundation is the largest, and oldest, provider of online UX design courses.

This makes them perfect for both working professionals and students. Here are 7 reasons to join their UX Design Community!

Tools & Resources

18F Method Cards
A collection of tools to bring human-centered design into your project.

A Guide to Personas
A worksheet and guide to crafting your personas.

EGO Icons
A set of 3,600 icons in a radical angular style. You can download a set of 100 for free.

Interactive NPS Benchmarks
Enter your score, pick your industry, and compare your net promoter score.


Mule Design’s Mike Monteiro – Insider Intercom
Mike Monteiro on the responsibilities designers have to their clients, their users and themselves

Intro to Icons
Learn the fundamentals of icon design in 1 hour.

UX Portfolio

Shuang Li
Shuang is a UX designer at IBM who has a case study of how she had her dream wedding using UX practices.

Last But Not Least

The Disappearing Computer
Tech was once always in your way but will soon be almost invisible.

“Because every person knows what he likes, every person thinks he is an expert on user interfaces.”
— Paul Heckel

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