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Issue 133


Stop talking, start listening
Good designers are good listeners. They start by understanding, not solving.

Device intervention
Why it’s important to design for every device, not just the ones you own.

The Art of Customer Empathy
To understand the people we are designing for, we must gain empathy for who they are and what is important to them.

Gamification in UX. Increasing User Engagement.
Methods of gamification in design and how it can improve UX.

52 Research Terms you need to know as a UX Designer
Your A-Z list of research terms in plain English.

The Role of Photography in User Experience Design
Is it actually possible to improve the overall user experience of a website using stock photos.


Best Practices for Mobile UX Design in 2017
The field of mobile user experience is growing, and trained UX professionals can create innovative solutions that balance form and function. Check out our article for the best practices on improving mobile UX design to create enjoyable experiences.

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Tools & Resources

React Sketch App
Render React components to Sketch for design systems.

A tool for developing responsive websites.

Presentator is a free platform for design presentation and collaboration.

A color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch.

iOS 10 GUI for iPad
A massive collection of core components and selected screens for the iPad.

Designing the all-new Framer
A new look and ability to detach code from canvas for a smarter but simpler workflow.

Appcues 2.0
Updated to improve user onboarding, code free.


Collaborative Design — Users Know Podcast
What it means to design things collaboratively and the ways in which everybody seems to screw it up.

The Way to Design by Steve Vassallo
Free book for designers and non-designers about breaking out of narrow constraints and finding your way.

Mobile in the Future – Conversions@Google 2017
Luke Wroblewski delivers a 3 hour mobile design workshop.

UX Portfolio

Charlie Deets
Charlie is a Product Designer at WhatsApp. His portfolio shows his work, writings, and side projects.

Last But Not Least

People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently.
If your new product or service is not engaging users, ask “What’s my California Roll?”

“I believe the easier way to describe simplicity is being devoid of unnecessary complexity.”
— Gabriel Colombo

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