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Issue 13


Everybody Scrolls
Huge’s UX and research team tackle the age old question of scrolling and elements below the fold. Luke Wroblewski also had a series of tweets this week about there being no fold.

Quick And Dirty UX Design Techniques
A series of UX design techniques you can add to your workflow to help you build different tools and methods to quickly represent the end design.

The right way to ask users to review your app
Do you hate it when apps pop up an alert asking you to rate it even before you’ve really used it? Circa News breaks down how they got 90% 5 star ratings by creating a great app, not annoying users, and asking nicely.

Critique: The Secret to Growing Your UX Team Skills
Jared Spool writes how regular critique helps improve team members’ skills quickly and by changing up what the focus of learning is for each session, the team ensures that everyone’s skills become more well rounded.

How to Design for Everybody
The new was relaunched for the first time in 15 years and Rachel Haot writes about the approach to public digital design and what worked.

Design checklist for IxD students
If you’re a student or looking to get into UX, Timm Kadoic writes about 3 principles to start with – design isn’t just visual, design with data, and design responsibly.

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Tools & Resources

Cognitive Lode
The latest behavioral economics & consumer psychology research distilled down into helpful little brain gems.

Mobile Hustle
A place to find inspirational UI motion.

Prototyping Tools
Compare prototyping tools and find the one that fits all of your design needs. If spreadsheet comparison charts aren’t your thing, here’s an article comparing 9 mobile prototyping tools every designer should consider.


Mobile Behavior and Design Trends
In this podcast, Luke Wroblewski gives facts, tips, and case studies to help you talk confidently with your team about designing intuitive, cross-device experiences.

Designing with Framer
Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk give a talk on Framer that also covers prototyping in general and a discussion of the various design tools available in the market.

Discussing Design: The Art of Critique
Adam Connor, experience design director at Mad*Pow, and Aaron Irizarry, Sr. Product Designer for Nasdaq OMX, will be having a free webcast on Tuesday on how to give, receive, and act upon feedback while confidently guiding your projects through beneficial feedback loops.

Designing your UX portfolio
Ian Fenn will be having an online webinar on Wednesday on how to produce an effective UX portfolio. It’s not free but UX Design Weekly subscribers get a $25 discount.


UI Artist / UX Designer at PerBlue (Madison, WI)
PerBlue is a mobile gaming company based in Madison, WI that creates large multiplayer games for iOS and Android. They are looking for a talented User Interface Artist / User Experience Designer to join their team.

Last But Not Least

UX Advice Cat
Cats rule the internet and also know user experience design.

“Good designers want to be proved wrong, bad designers hope to be proved right.”
— Andy Budd

Do you have a UX resolution for 2015? Tell me about it and you might win a free book from Rosenfeld Media.

— Kenny

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