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Issue 128


Taking Feedback Impersonally
Some ways that help you not take feedback on your work personally.

Design principles: what to do when nobody is using your feature
A look into how Intercom increased visibilty and education to build a feature people actually use.

Never Just Design Pretty Little Apps
Soem tips and resources on becoming a better UX designer.

Your Traffic Went Mobile; Why Hasn’t Your Design Process?
The mobile audience is now twice as big as desktop. Does your organization’s design process reflect that mobile is now your primary platform?

Best Design Advice No One Ever Gave Me
Four lessons learned from explaining design decisions to learning new skills.

Screenshot? Ugh, you’re doing it wrong!
How Instagram and Amazon guide users back with something as simple as a screenshot.


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Tools & Resources

43% of Sites Have Severe ‘Flickering’ Issues for Their Main Drop-Down Menu
Many sites disrupt the users’ ability to control the main navigation and navigate the drop-down “frustration free.”

Free baseline grids for paper prototyping.

Noun Project for Mac 2.0
Updated with ability to change colors, improved image format support and more.

A Reading Guide For Designers Who Want To Write
Prominent designers and design writers select the best books and essays for designers who want to hone their writing skills.

A tool for thinking in systems.


GV Design Partner, Daniel Burka – High Resolution
Daniel Burka discusses how designers can elevate their position in a boardroom, the Google Design Sprint, and more.

Sandbox Interview – with CEO of Design Inc. Marc Hemeon
Marc Hemeon talks the business of design.

The Elements of UX & UI Visualized
A free concentric circle data visualization poster of the tools, inputs, outputs and methods to maximize aesthetics and functionality.

UX Portfolio

Rachit Gupta
Rachit is a Product Designer working for Walmart Labs. His portfolio shows some of his work and an entertaining chatbot intro.

Last But Not Least

Design thinking lessons from our cats
Cats spend the vast majority of their time thinking through complex problems in innovative ways. This is what we can learn from them.

“Great UX designers–those that are deliberate, thoughtful, thorough–are like superheroes. Make sure they’re using their powers for good.”
— Dan Brown

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