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Issue 126

I saw Jared Spool give one of his talks last Thursday where he spoke about having a culture of learning. So let me know what is the most important thing you learned the last few days and how will it change what you do in the future?


Product People, Mind the Gap!
A simple question to create a product that people love.

No budget? No excuse. Here’s a practical guide to UX on the cheap.
Tips and tricks to do research research when you have little to no budget.

A Theory of User Delight
UI embellishments can only produce surface delight while deep delight can only be achieved in functional, reliable, and usable interfaces.

Did Snapchat succeed because of its controversial UI?
Designers take on how Snapchat became a $28 billion company with its Mad Hatter interface.

The many ways Design adds business value
A framework for how design can add value across organizations.


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Tools & Resources

Kite Compositor
A Mac application for designing and prototyping animation in apps. There are already Kite tutorials too.

Collect feedback to learn what your users want most.

A list of 30 women rocking in UX
In honor of International Women’s Day, here are the women in UX who are shaping our industry and inspiring other designers to do the same.

Comparison Tables for Products, Services, and Features
Some of the most important qualities and guidelines of successful comparison tables.


Design in Tech Report 2017
The third annual Design in Tech Report by John Maeda examines how design trends are revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems in tech.

Design VP, Kate Aronowitz – High Resolution
What it took to 10x the Facebook design team and how designers can get their seat at the business table.

Doodle Television – Design Details Podcast
Kathy Zheng, a designer at GitHub talks about failure and taking chances, hiring early designers, and learning how to communicate.

Redesigning an Enterprise App to Battle the Clutter Tax – UIE Podcast
Techniques and challenge for fighting back clutter in design.

UX Portfolio

Adrian Inchauste
Adrian is a UX designer working on mixed reality. His case study shows we don’t always need to reinvent the wheel when designing emerging technology.

Last But Not Least

What is Design?
A “designer” explains the discipline.

“A good UX Designer always asks: What user need does this address? What are we hoping to achieve by doing this? How will we measure success?”
Nick Finck

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