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Issue 125

The theme this past week was all about creating memorable, magically moments. We’re starting to see a lot more personalized experiences as computers get smarter and more integrated. Do you have a favorite experience that always makes you smile?


Design for Emotion
Tapping into emotion provokes a powerful response and can make even the simplest of experiences into something people love to use.

Technology Imitates Art: The Rise of the Conversational Interface
An interactive article on the advances in voice-recognition, AI, and the way we interact with technology.

Anticipatory Design: How to Create Magical User Experiences
As technology has evovled, creating that perfect personalized experience at the right time and right place is finally in our reach.

Pretend the interface is magic
Products that meet goals with a minimum of hassle and intrusion seem almost magical to users.

The magic of microcopy
When used in the right places, microcopy can turn a mundane task into something memorable.

What is someone going to stop doing when they start using your product?
A better question to ask than thinking about all the new things people are going to be able to do with your product.

Tools & Resources

A Sketch plugin for working together in a single file.

Material Design Kit – Android GUI
A Sketch kit collection of interface components and 61 great screens from Android 7.0 Nougat

A showcase of the finest logos, symbols & trademarks.

Enter a name and generate a ton of different starting points.


Abstract Wants to Change the Way Designers Work
Abstract’s co-founder and CEO Josh Brewer answers some questions about the company’s much talked about product and long-term ambitions.

Callbacks, Conferences, and the Existence of Talent – UNDO
Marc & Joel give insights for people wanting to get into design and if natural talent exists.

eBay’s VP Design, Dave Lippman – High Resolution
Dave Lippman shares his experience designing at Apple and eBay and the differences in their approach to data vs. intuition.

Book Excerpt: “The User’s Journey”
What story arcs are necessary for people to feel satisfied using Back to the Future movie as an example.

UX Portfolio

Kim Thuy Tu
Thuy only has one case study on redesigning Instagram in her portfolio and it’s not even a real project but it’s very comprehensive and well thought out.

Last But Not Least

As a Designer I want better Release Notes
We can apply simple visual design principles to plain text release notes.

“Doing is one of the best forms of thinking.”
— Tom Chi