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Issue 124

It’s been an active week. UX Design Weekly was featured as one of the best newsletters by designers for designers, my cover story “The New Rules of UX” came out for Net Magazine, and there were a ton of great UX design articles and resources. Here’s what made the list this week…


Tips for Becoming a Design Leader
Strong leadership from individual contributors drives product development which is why becoming a manager isn’t seen as a promotion at Facebook.

Six Steps to Superior Product Prototyping
Lessons from an Apple and Oculus Engineer on how to prototype just the right amount and to make sure it’s successful.

Design principles: KISS the Feature creep
Think of what to add and what to subtract in your designs to avoid feature creep.

Design research at Dropbox
How the Dropbox Research team makes research actionable and influential.

How to not utterly ruin your mobile app’s user interface
5 major UI mistakes  and how you can fix them.

Caveats of Motion in Design
Motion changes the way we approach design by thinking in stories, rather than screens. Also check out UI Animation: Please Use Responsibly.


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Tools & Resources

Designing With Real Data In Sketch Using The Craft Plugin
A tutorial on how to start using real data with your designs.

U.S. Web Design Standards
After a year and a half of development and user research, version 1.0 of the U.S. Web Design Standards is officially out.

Avocode 2016 Web Design Report
The trends in web design based on 1,127,302 of Photoshop & Sketch designs that have been uploaded to Avocode in 2016.

Steramline Illustrations
Some free high quality illustrations that are easy to modify and adaptable to your branding colors.

Case Study Club
Learn how people design digital products.

The Freelance Contract
A standardized service agreement to build fair and strong relationships between people and companies.


Three Dream Days in the Valley for UX Designers
A chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to SmashingConf, meetings with design influencers and everything you need to be at the top of your UX game.

Interview with Marc Hemeon
I got a chance to ask the founder and CEO of Design Inc. about his company, the future ofdesign tools, and what good design really means.

Master Series: Aarron Walter – True North
Aarron Walter talks about common problems design teams face and the internal conflict designers often face when trust into positions of leadership.

Designer portfolios – Breadtime Micro-Podcast
A discussion about how much time to put in a portfolio.

Scott Belsky – Inside Intercom (Podcast)
Your product can get millions of signups or downloads, but means little if you can’t get new users past the first few hurdles.

UX Portfolio

Claudio Vallejo
Claudio is a product designer focused on design systems and internal business tools. His portfolio features selected case studies, writings, and press.

For the Love of Food, People, and UX
A usability case study on food delivery app Eat24.

UX Jobs

Product Designer at Designer Fund (San Francisco Bay Area)
Interested in product design roles at great companies like Asana, Dropbox, and Medium? Apply for Bridge.

User Experience Designer at Bankrate Credit Cards (Austin, TX or Pasadena, CA)
Work with me to create amazing user experiences to empower consumers to make smarter financial decisions.

Last But Not Least

Good vs. Bad Designers
A parody about designer trends.

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups, and the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse, and rope and cattle.”
— Dain Miller

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