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Issue 123


The Beginning of your Design Career
Advice by Julie Zhao on how to get started on the path of a successful product design career.

How to Communicate Errors Well
We should treat failures as an integral part of the app and design with errors in mind.

On Design Tools and Processes
The evolution and problems of modern design tools & process.

Design for the feedback you want
Sharing work throughout your design process helps keep feedback focused on the most relevant problem at each stage.

The Five-Tool Designer
Everyone looks for slightly different things in the designers they hire, but for Mike Davidson, there are five tools that stand above the rest.

Connected Hardware Eats Unicorns for Breakfast
When we all give more love, we can make the world a magical place.


Showcase Your Work with a Squarespace Website
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Tools & Resources

UX Research Cheat Sheet
A list of user research methods and activities to help you decide which to use when at any point in the design cycle.

Inclusive – Microsoft Design
Manuals, principles, activites, and more from Microsoft for designing for inclusivity.

Fresh Background Gradients
Curated collection of 180 free fresh background gradients.

Now out on iOS, you can record & share user interviews easily.

WebVR Studio
A new design app specifically for virtual reality.

Team Libraries – Figma
Figma has made it easier to build out a design system and share components across projects.

Craft Freehand
A shared canvas to collaborate in real time.


The Art of Storytelling
A free course by the people that tell stories best, Pixar.

Didier Hilhorst – High Resolutino
Uber’s Director of Design talks about what it took to redesign a global product.

Liminal thinking with Dave Gray – UX Podcast
A look at some of the principles and practices to change the way you think.

UX Portfolio

Tom Petty
Tom is the head of UX & design at GoCardless. His portfolio shows case studies of his work, experience, writings, and speaking gigs.

Last But Not Least

A design lesson from a sugar stick
What is obvious for you, won’t necessarily be for your user.

“We innovate by starting with the customer and working backwards. The focus is not the product, but the customer.”
— Jeff Bezos

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