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Issue 121


Mobile-First Is Just Not Good Enough: Meet Journey-Driven Design
Good design gives users the best experience on the device that the user wants to use at that point in their journey.

Foggy thinking in design (and how to cut through it)
As designers, we should avoid sounding meaningful without pointing to specific trade-offs or product attributes.

The Rules for Modern Navigation
A few best practices allow designers to create more effective, clearer navigation experiences. Also check out A Look into Navigation in Web Design.

America Has Its Problems, But Design Can Help Solve Them
Designers shape how the world works by solving problems, removing roadblocks, and creating a shared language.

Designing Anticipated User Experiences
How to design for a future without a choice.

Building Great Mobile Forms
How to help users be successful with the forms you are designing.

Tools & Resources

An open-source tool from Airbnb that renders After Effects animations in real time to any native app.

“I didn’t know Sketch could do that!”
Some tricks for enhancing your Sketch workflow and impressing your designer friends at the coffee shop.

InVision for iOS 2.0
An updated mobile app with a central place for ongoing discussions and activity around all your team’s projects.


Dark Patterns with Harry Brignull – UX Podcast
Harry Brignull talks about dark patterns, the ethics behind implementing them and if light patterns exist.

Designing on Whiteboards
Joel Beukelman, co-founder of Design Inc., shows his workflow of designing from whiteboards and software.

UX Portfolio

Richard Yang
Richard is a UX designer at Sony. Read how he went from zero experience to landing a 6-figure San Francisco design job in less than 12 months.

UX Jobs

UX Designer at Concord (San Francisco, CA)
Concord is looking for a UX designer that has a track record of understanding complex processes and workflows and turning them to elegant and minimalistic designs.

Last But Not Least

My Big Fat UX Wedding
Using UX techniques to plan a wedding.

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”
— Jessica Hische