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Issue 115


Why Design
Julie Zhuo gives her thoughts about what the word design means to her and what inspires her to improve designs.

Intuitive Design vs. Shareable Design
Josh Elman writes that the obscurity of Snapchat’s design engages and encourages people to share their experiences with others while Jackson Mohsenin, Product Designer at Quora, counters with the Myth of Unintuitive Design.

Wireflows: A UX Deliverable for Workflows and Apps
Wireflows are a combination of wireframes and flowcharts. They can document workflow and screen designs when there are few pages that change dynamically.

Documenting Design Discovery
How six assertions inform briefs, strategies, and other deliverables.

A Guide to Successful Design Handoffs
Thoughts on how designers can adopt a few techniques to help produce a well rounded & thorough design handoff.

What design sprints are good for
Design sprints are good at some unexpected things, and bad at some unexpected things too.

Tools & Resources

Components in Figma
New release that makes building systems easier by combining elements into components.

A simple, curated list of awesome, handpicked colors for your project.


Amazon Go
If you were able to design a shopping experience with the perfect user experience, this might be it. No lines, no checkout – just grab and go.

The Most Interesting UX eBooks Published in 2016
A list of great free UX ebooks that came out this year.

Dan Mall: Motion & Meaning Podcast
Dan Mall talks about how animation fits into his design process and his proven approach to finding inspiration.

UX Portfolios

Allan Yu
Allan is a Bay Area UX Designer who shows his process, deliverables, and designs in his portfolio.

UX Jobs

Senior UX Designer at Wohaula (Porter Ranch, CA)
Wohaula is a social media site for stroke and brain injury survivors looking for someone to help them improve the user experience.

Last But Not Least

The Sketch socks
Need a last minute gift for your favorite designer? Get Sketch socks (or Slack socks)!

“To design is to be intentional about the outcome we want.”
— Julie Zhuo