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Issue 112


Your Best Work Will Be Invisible
The most important thing about design is everything that takes place behind the scenes.

The Myth of Invisible Design
Visible designs are potentially more valuable and more usable.

Thinking Like an Experience Designer
Creating a mindset to explore the unseen in there simple steps.

True Lies Of Optimistic User Interfaces
Optimistic UI design can help you build better experiences but we must understand the mechanics to be truly effective.

How to analyze customer feedback and make it actionable
How to transform customer feedback into something you can act on and inform your product roadmap.

The UX Fund: Investing $50,000 in 10 companies, 10 years later
A look back at a hypothesis that companies that focus on delivering great user experiences will see it reflected in their stock price.

The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think
Across 33 rich countries, only 5% of the population has high computer-related abilities.

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How to Communicate the ROI of Design
The impact of design is notoriously hard to measure. Leaders at Collective Health and Eventbrite share insights on how they communicate and quantify the value of their function.

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Tools & Resources

Inspect by InVision
InVision has launched their Zeplin clone to the masses to help reduce the back and forth between designer and developer.

Affinity Designer for Windows
Affinity has now become officially cross-platform with the launch of Affinity Designer for Windows.

Quick, Draw!
Practice your doodling, while helping teach the AI bot.

Lookback Live
Perform real-time user research on mobile and desktop.


Aarron Walter – Inside Intercom (Podcast)
Aarron Walter talks about how to build a team that can design for human emotion.

The Simplicity of a Conversation with John Maeda
John Maeda spreads his philosophy of elegant simplicity at Automattic and discuss some of the challenges the future brings.

Designed by Apple in California
Apple made something that won’t run out of batteries. A gorgeous design book that would make the perfect Christmas gift for that Apple fan boy.

UX Portfolios & Case Studies

Designing the new Uber App
The team at Uber decided to design their new experience by “starting at the end.”

Dave Hawkins
Dave is a UK based designer with case studies featuring his challenges, solutions, and deliverables.

Last But Not Least

100 Excuses for Designers
Excuses for designers to help you cover your mistake that you’re too afraid to admit.

“When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be known as “SOME User Experience” or… SUX?”
— Billy Gregory