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Issue 111


Your product is already obsolete
We need to be aware of all the different technological shifts happening in the industry and consistently ask ourselves if and how these things actually affect us.

The Art of Stealing: How to Become a Master Designer
Pick apart someone’s design work in order to understand it and do it the right way.

Designing Confirmation
Best practices and the future of confirmed action.

Hamburger menu alternatives for mobile navigation
There isnā€™t a one-size-fits-all solution for mobile navigation but here are a few ways apps are avoiding using the hamburger.

Let’s talk about design portfolios
Jared Spool caused a commotion when he said the best designers don’t have a portfolio. Here’s what one team looks for when hiring and not hiring designers.

What Designers Should Do Now
Elections got you down? Designing for social reform will be more important than ever.

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Tools & Resources

An Iconic New Look and More
Sketch updated their icon along with a few other improvements.

The tvOS GUI Kit
A a free Sketch template that makes it easy to create beautiful apps for Apple TV.


Adobe Max 2016
Watch MAX 2016 keynotes and conference sessions on demand.

Where Should You Work – User Knows Podcast
Kate and Laura discuss the pros and cons of doing UX work in agencies, big companies, and startups.

Enterprise UX Design Masterclass
4 webinars for proven UX strategies in enterprise product teams.

Build Better Products
A new book from Rosenfeld Media on building successful user-centered products by Laura Klein.


Allison Milchling
Allison is a UX designer in Oakland who uses her portfolio to show her process with case studies structured to address interview questions.

Last But Not Least

How To Conduct “Engaging” Design Reviews
Tips to keep a fun workplace by poking at the design team and toying with their emotions.

“Your design should always be telling a story. And that story needs to be told from the user’s perspective ā€” not the business’s perspective.”
— Tom Tancredi

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