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Issue 108


How To Build Honest UIs And Help Users Make Better Decisions
While anticipatory design aims to automate decisions, giving users control and staying transparent are key to maintaining trust.

Disenfranchised by Bad Design
With the elections just around the corner, many voters will experience a widespread problem with horribly designed ballots.

Running productive design critiques
Doing design critiques regularly and effectively can can lead to incredible results.

Delighting Users — Adding magic to everyday interactions
A few things to consider and tips when designing delightful experiences.

Bye, Bye Burger!
Another data point for getting rid of the hamburger menu and using a bottom tab navigation for more engagement.

Benchmark Your UX at All Costs
Guerrilla testing methods that can be used to gather crucial insights without breaking the bank.

How the Web Became Unreadable
There’s a widespread movement in design circles to make text lighter and smaller but it’s hurting the experience on smaller devices.

Tools & Resources

Facebook Design
A collection of articles, videos, and resources made by designers at Facebook including UI kits for iOS 10 for iPhone.

UXPin – Spec Mode
A new feature from UXPin that transforms designs into interactive documentation.

Material Design Awards 2016
The best-in-class designs using Material Design selected by Google.


Auto Goats – Design Details Podcast
The founders of Framer discuss the future of design tools, how to help designers level up, and much more.

The Dangers of Empathy – Design Review Podcast
Why it’s important for product designers to be empathetic and some dangers from it.

UX Portfolio

Emrah Sarıbaz
Emrah is an interaction designer in Istanbul that is also a regular UX Design Weekly reader.

Have a portfolio you think I should feature? Contact me.

UX Jobs

Head of Digital Experience – Digital Banking at Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Sydney, Australia)
One of the coolest tech innovators in Australia is looking for an experienced UX mastermind to deliver amazing experiences.

Last But Not Least

64 People You Should Know in Design
A list of great practitioners in design where you can follow their work and use their career progression as guidance to plan your own.

“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”
— Elon Musk