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Issue 107


Interaction Design is dead. What now?
Ralph Ammer writes that we need to move past designing for isolation towards design for relations with others and the environment.

A critical analysis of the iOS 10 lockscreen experience
With the newest update, the usability of the iOS lockscreen has caused lots of frustrations.

Taking Pattern Libraries To The Next Level
Some practical techniques and strategies to establish a lasting pattern library that will be actively and consistently used by the entire team.

Getting The Most Out Of Subject Matter Experts
Subject Matter Experts can give great insight into how users work and what designs would be best for them but we often don’t use them to their fullest.

Frequency & Recency of Site Visits: 2 Metrics for User Engagement
How often people visit your site and how long they wait between visits can help to gauge visitor loyalty and behavioral trends distinguishing frequent users from occasional ones.

Tools & Resources

Now that Pixate is no more, out comes a promising code-free prototyping tool for smart devices.

A new publication by Huge for people who think about the relationship between people, technology, and design like it’s their job.

Framer – Auto-Code for Animation Design
Framer updated their prototyping tool with a new feature that allows you to visually manipulate and fine-tune animations.

Create, send and track videos. May be useful for usability sessions.


Obvious Always Wins
Video of a three hour seminar by Luke Wroblewski on creating obvious designs for mobile and beyond.

Jared Spool on UX Design
Jared chats about why recent design graduates struggle in the workplace, why all parts of your own company must have an appreciation of design to succeed, and how to cross what Jared calls “the UX Tipping Point.”


Kurt Yalcin
Kurt is a User Experience Architect at Hearst Newspapers that uses a simple navigation to take you through his work.

Last But Not Least

10 Halloween Costumes Only Designers will Understand
What will you be for Halloween?

“Design is subjective only if you’re too lazy to make it objective.”
— Dan Mall