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Issue 105

Lots of tool updates this week including real time collaboration with Figma. I tried it for a bit and was very impressed as it opens up a world of possibilities. If you’ve tried it, let me know your thoughts and how it will fit into your workflow.


Designed Inconveniences: UX Patterns That Can’t Be Taught
The process of designing an “inconvenience” can’t be taught in a formal context, but it’s important to be always mindful about the necessary balance between business and user goals.

Usability Testing of Inline Form Validation
There are many benefits of inline form validation but 40% of sites still don’t have it, and 20% of the sites that do have flawed implementations.

The Art of UX Sketching
UX sketching is a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect of user-experience design.

Product Design for Sustainability
How products we build today can make the world more sustainable tomorrow.

Introducing a culture of design inside existing organizational cultures
If culture is a manifestation of process, influencing the process of making good things, through design, will influence culture.

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MOONS: An Elegant Font Family of 10 Typefaces
Composed of 10 unique typefaces, this mysterious and charming typeface is an excellent choice for contemporary digital designs with its narrow proportions and 5 unique weights. While it doesn’t speak Martian, this Font Family does support more than 70 languages! See the previews

Tools & Resources

Figma is out of beta and you can now collaborate on your designs in real time.

Experience Design CC
You can now preview your Adobe Experience Design CC prototypes on your mobile device along with other updates.

Atomic v2
An update to improve speed, scale and visibility of your prototypes.

Find & download stencils for your wireframes.

UI Movement
Completely redesigned with the side navigation that lets you filter the designs by patterns.

A simple rubber stamp the size of a smart phone that lets you spend less time wireframing and more time innovating.


Experience design and prototyping the Airbnb way
Airbnb’s Director of Experience Design Katie Dill walks us through the Airbnb design and prototyping process.

Undo by Design Inc (Podcast)
Undo is a show where we talk about the convergence of design, tech and business.


Jason Giglio
Jason is a full stack designer who puts together his detailed case studies in a PDF.

Last But Not Least

The Most Innovative UX Of The Year
18 products that really nailed the user experience to create a great product.

“Confidence is believing you’re good. Cockiness is believing you’re better than anyone else. Leaders need to be confident not cocky.”
— Simon Sinek

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