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Issue 104


Chatbots: Your Ultimate Prototyping Tool
How chatbots can teach us to learn what people need when designing products and services.

UX Design & Digital Storytelling: Why Story Is Central to User Experience
If we want to create digital experiences that deliver unique, compelling value to our users, then the inclusion of story is a crucial consideration.

Don’t Listen to Users and 4 Other Myths About Usability Testing
5 usability myths directed towards eliminating the human factor.

The Thumb Zone: Designing For Mobile Users
As long as there are touchscreens, the thumb zone will remain a critical part of design.

Design Thinking Builds Strong Teams
Not only does design thinking foster innovation, but it also strengthens teams by creating common vocabulary and artifacts, and a trust-based team culture.

Designed for Growth
Understanding how to design in a way that anticipates the inevitable future of change requires a paradigm shift in the way we design.

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Hey, Have You Tried This Awesome Prototyping Tool Mockplus?
Don’t be a slave of the tool. Let’s focus on design. Mockplus helps you to prototype faster, smarter and easier with 3000 icons, 200 widgets and drag-and-drop interaction design mode. 8 ways to save testing and sharing crises. It’s also the most friendly tool for rookies. Still waiting? Get aboard!

Tools & Resources

The Design Superpower
A free email course that teaches you how to leverage the power of design in your business.

InVision + UserTesting
InVision has partnered with UserTesting to give users a faster, more seamless way to capture insight into their app, website, or prototype.

How to build your own DIY user-testing setup for just $129
Tools and a workflow to do user testing on the cheap.


The Guide to UX Leadership
Dave Malouf writes this ebook on the best practices for leading impactful UX teams.

Dos and don’ts on designing for accessibility
Posters as a way of approaching accessibility from a design perspective.


Jonathan Ravasz
Not a UX portfolio but impressive use of the Framer prototyping tool to create a 360° interactive resume.

Last But Not Least

If It Needs a Sign, It’s Probably Bad Design
If you find yourself writing copy to solve a design problem, think about whether a new design is what you should really be pursuing.

“When you become a leader, it’s not enough to understand design. You now need to understand how design moves the needle.”
— Christina Wodtke

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