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Issue 103

Fun fact: UX Design Weekly’s first issue was sent 2 years ago. You can check out all past issues in the archives.


Reducing Cognitive Overload For A Better User Experience
The best user experience is the one the user doesn’t notice. A look at some complicated and confusing interfaces and ways to solve it.

IBM is becoming the world’s largest design company
How IBM is training its entire workforce (377,000+) to think, work, and feel like designers.

Why User Experience Always Has to Come First
Companies like Facebook have effectively declared that it prioritizes superior UX over inferior advertising. Will other businesses optimize UX for customer value?

The UX Design Success Ladder: Achieving Meaningful Product Design
A benchmark for assessing the value your product provides now, plus ways to take it to the next level.

Finding Your UX Mantra
By establishing a set of desing principles, you can ensure consistency for you or your team.

5 Delightful Ways to Onboard New Users
Depending on your intended goals, different onboarding techniques can be employed to effectively hook, instruct, and retain users.

Don’t Make a Journey Map: 9 archetypes of good / bad, and how to decide what to use
Don’t make a journey map just to make one. Know what kind of journey map you are making, and why.

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Where plugins go to die.
Build a website, brand it, then resell it. Yes, it’s almost that easy.

Tools & Resources

Vectr is a free online graphics editor used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively.

75 of the Smartest Resources for Web Designers
Different tools from mockups & prototyping to color, icons, and inspiration.


Designing Interface Animation: an Interview with Val Head
Val Head, author of Designing Interface Animation, talks animation. You can also read an excerpt from the book.

Psychology & Behavioral Design – Seaworthy Podcast
Methods and benefits of using psychology and behavioral design to better serve customers.

UX Careers: An Interview with Cory Lebson – Podcast
Cory Lebson talks portfolios, resumes, stories, skills & personal branding.

UX Portfolio

Frances Tung
Frances’s portfolio shows how she approaches design challenges, what her peers say, where she has designed at, what she’s been up to, and more.

Last But Not Least

Designing Future-Proof UI
Thoughts on why UI has a limited lifespan, and potential measures we can take to ensure designs have longevity.

“Design to enhance lives, not KPIs”
— Joe Tosca

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