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Issue 102


Design Reviews: Going beyond the surface
Get the most out of your design reviews with this simple guide to understanding what to expect from each stage in the design process.

The Mighty Ellipsis
How 3 little dots can say so much.

Shneiderman’s Eight Golden Rules Will Help You Design Better Interfaces
Design great, productive and frustration-free user interfaces by integrating the 8 golden rules.

Personas, you don’t need them
Personas that are created with conscious or unconscious biases lead to biased products.

Using real sample data to make great designs
Four simple steps to design screens using real data.

Discrimination by Design
The many ways design decisions treat people unequally.

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See what your users see
Capture everything, and we mean everything (including the full DOM and console logs), about your customer experience with one easy-to-install script. Try it free!

Tools & Resources

The User Interface Database
Find live examples of any UI for design inspiration.

Diverse UI
Diverse representations of people for your mockups. Read more at Tech’s Diversity Problem Isn’t Only in the Hiring Numbers.

Have you got any questions for us?
10 interview questions to ask the interviewer to find out how much an organization cares about design.

10 Sketch Tricks That Would Make Owen Wilson Say “Wooow!”
Some tricks to take your Sketch game to the next level.

Test your designs and ideas and get user feedback.


True North Podcast
Go inside the most successful companies to see how they design, develop and test their way to a world renowned user and customer experience.

The Sketchnote Workbook
Advanced techniques for taking visual notes you can use anywhere.

UX Portfolio

Renée Padgham
Renée is a product designer with a portfolio of case studies, design process, and tools.

Last But Not Least

How to pretend you’re a great designer
Practical tips and principles to trick people into thinking you’re an industry thought leader.

“To simplify complications is the first essential of success.”
— George Earle Buckle

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