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Issue 101


Lessons of Good Design
Julie Zhuo writes that good design feels obvious but it sometimes takes time to come up with that obvious solution.

The Art of Designing With Heart
How to make useful, friendly software for real people.

Sh!t Loops In Design
How to prevent a series of unwanted actions happening in a user interface that take us down a path that gets darker and darker the further we go.

A DIY Design Education
Resources for building your own design curriculum without going to design school.

The Product Designer Role
A list of important attributes of the modern product designer role.

10 things new startup design leaders should do
In your new leadership role, you’ll face lots of challenges but you already have many tools you need to create a great team and build amazing products.

Tools & Resources

Design Principles FTW
A collection of the worlds most successful Design Principles. For more, check out Why design principles shape stronger products.

Manage your UI patterns sand share with your team.

Top 10 Tips for UX Success From Agile Practitioners
The most popular techniques for improving user experience in Agile projects.

Shareable click-and-type sticky notes for your website.


Design leadership with Andy Budd – UX Podcast
Andy Budd discusses how to make the move from UX practitioners to UX leader.

Elevating design through education
Aarron Walter discusses design education, designing for emotion and building design teams. If you can’t get enough of Aarron, listen to him on the User Defender Podcast.

Interview with Brian Lovin @ Facebook
Brian Lovin talks about his design process, inspiration, what’s it like working at Facbook and more.

UX Portfolio

Yitong Zhang
Yitong is a Product Designer with a very nice looking site and case studies.

Last But Not Least

5 Design Jobs That Won’t Exist In The Future
User experience designers are among the most in-demand designers today but in the future that title may become more specialized.

“Quality is a bar, not a tradeoff.”
— Julie Zhuo