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Issue 100

Made it to 100th issue! Thank you for reading and spreading the word. Enjoy this week’s best UX links.
– Kenny


How to design words
Designing words for people who hate to read (ie everyone on the web).

Designing News Products With Empathy
50 stress cases helped NPR design for real user journeys that fall outside their ideal circumstances and assumptions.

The New Rules of Form Design
When used correctly, modern techniques allow designers to produce faster, easier, and more productive form experiences.

Why Aren’t You Asking Questions?
It’s a designer’s job to ask good questions. Here are some tips on how.

Death to Complexity
The design process that went into reimagining Spokeo’s Advanced Search tools.

Signaling a Process Change with a Discovery Phase
Starting with a discovery phase for new design and development leads to better quality products and enhancements.

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See what your users see
Meet FullStory, the pixel-perfect session playback tool that makes it easy to answer any question about your customers online experience. Try it free for 2 weeks!

Tools & Resources

Pattern is a drawing application for the iPad and iPad Pro focusing on simple design tools rather than fancy brushes and effects.

Device Mockups
Ready to use vector device mockups.

Stockmagic for Mac
A free tiny app that lives in your menu bar to easily find the best images among 25 of the biggest free stock photo services.

Figma + Framer
You can now import your Figma designs into Framer for prototyping.


UX Week 16 Videos
Videos from UX Week 16 including talks by Christina Wodtke, Jamie Levy, Alan Cooper, and more.

An Introduction to Emotive UI
A conversation with Huge’s managing director of experience design.

The Science of Habit-Forming Products
Why do some products stick and others don’t? A look into Nir Eyal‘s Hooked model.

Design Thinking Workshop
A short interview with David Kelley, founder of IDEO, on Design Thinking, and a free workshop by the co-founders of Stanford D school.

UX Portfolio

Jomi Cubol
Jomi is a product designer based in New York with a very text heavy site – which isn’t a bad thing. His case studies go in detail about his role on improving the user experience.

Last But Not Least

Why Dark Patterns Won’t Go Away
Dark pattens exist because design is not as prevalent at a strategic level as many companies would have you believe.

“When making art, you’re not going from a known point A to a known point B. You are inventing point B.”
— Amy Whitaker

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