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Issue 62


What I’ve Learned Designing Small Things at Facebook
A few things Jasmine Friedl, Product designer at Facebook, learned when designing for small things and how foundational it is to big design.

Building Basecamp 3: Mobile Prototypes
An inside look on how interactive prototyping was essential to designing Basecamp 3 for mobile and how they chose a prototyping tool.

You Don’t Need a Unicorn: Anatomy of a Great UX Team
To have a successful UX practice, you’ll need individuals with different skill sets to be a part of your UX team.

IBM’s Design-Centered Strategy to Set Free the Squares
IBM is trying change its approach to business by identifying users’ needs as a starting point toward their products.

The latest UX challenge: designing for personalization
Carrie Cousins writes about ways to design a system or interface that gives users individual experiences tailered to them.

7 things I learned working at a user-centered design agency
A young designer learns the true role of a user experience designer while working at an agency.

Tools & Resources

Silver Flows
Build lightweight mobile prototypes directly in Sketch. Read the backstory by Aby Nimbalkar.

Getting started with card sorting
Everything you wanted to know about creating and running an effective card sort.

Flawless app
Flawless is a collaboration tool for developers & designers that automatically generates guidelines so you can spot visual differences between expected and implemented design.

zeroheight makes mobile design hand-off super simple by converting mobile designs into developer resources. For a similar product, check out Zeplin.

Mobile Design & Data
A collection of mobile data by Luke Wroblewski.


The UX Research Methodology Guidebook
An eBook on how to approach a study, when to run it, and how to interpret the results.

UX Portfolios

Andy Fitzgerald
Andy recently redesigned his portfolio. He also wrote tips on the process in pursuit of the perfect UX portfolio.

Do you have a UX portfolio you want to share? Contact me.

UX Jobs

Senior UX/UI Designer at Overpass (Newark, NJ)
Overpass is seeking a talented, passionate Senior UX Designer to join our core team and help build Overpass from the ground up.

Senior User Experience Designer at TSheets (Eagle, ID)
TSheets, a web-based employee time and attendance software used by thousands of companies, is looking for a passionate and experienced designer to help shape their future.

Last But Not Least

10 Things I Learned About UX By Being Drunk
Some lessons learned by the creator of The User is Drunk.

“A good user experience isn’t necessarily that far removed from a poor user experience. It can be small, subtle differences that can have a huge impact.”
— Nathanael Boehm

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