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Issue 54


The Art of Iterating Quickly
How Feedly organizes their design process to absorb, structure and integrate as much feedback as possible while iterating efficiently.

Field Research at Uber
How Uber observes what people would never think to tell them but getting out of the lab and into the world to talk and observe people in their environment.

Prototyping Paper on iPhone
A look into the early design process for Paper on iPhone, going from many rough ideas to a single promising direction.

Shift – The End of Texting While Driving?
Another great design case study attempting to solve distraction when texting while driving.

When to Hide Content Behind Forms and When to Give Content Away
Understand your users’ intents and stage in the sales funnel before you gate content.

UX dilemmas – should we use a button or a link?
A look at what, if anything, can help provide clarity and guidance on when and where to use a button or a link.

Design at Facebook
An inside look at designing at Facebook and uncovering the challenges behind building a product at scale.

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Design collaboration and code-free prototyping platform for apps
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Tools & Resources

Web Field Manual
A curated list of resources focused on documenting only the best knowledge for designing experiences and interfaces on the web.

UX Map
A design template for Axure RP to help you optimize your design document and map the user experience. Use code fU6/ui&23pp=!4 for 30% off.


Developer On Fire Podcast with Alan Cooper
Alan Cooper, co-founder of Cooper and author of classic books like About Face & The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, talks about interaction design, sustainable innovation, and more.

UX Portfolios

William MacIvor
William focuses each case study around the unique opportunities of each type of project, and on different parts of the product design process.

UX Jobs

Senior User Experience & Interface Designer at Firepoint (Denver, CO)
Firepoint is looking for a Senior UX Designer to help design sleek and intuitive apps for residential real estate teams and agents to manage and generate business more effectively.

Last But Not Least

100 Days of Good UX
Posting one piece of good UX a day for 100 days.

“Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking.”
— Milton Glaser

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