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Issue 398


Levels of knowledge and levels of designs, the growth path of a designer
Translating theory into real experiences and embracing other types of design are clear signs of your evolution as a designer.

The customer as hero
It’s important that when we design products, we ask how people should feel when using them.

Design Principles: why a design works
It’s often said that the craft behind excellent design is invisible.

UX career paths: a how-to guide
Creating a UX-focused career path that works for your situation and company context.


4 ways to overcome Figma handoff challenges
One of the biggest struggles in bringing a product to life is handoff between designers and developers. Here are 4 ways to make handoff clearer, easier, and faster.

Tools and Resources

What makes collaboration click? A report by Figma.
50+ designers, PMs, engineers, researchers, and writers told us something they did with another member of their team, every day for 5 days.

UX Portfolio

Maggy Tung
Maggie is a freelance UX designer with a background in architecture and a passion for fine art and design,

UX Job

Senior Product Designer @ Check (SF, NYC, Remote)
Check has big ambitions to rethink what it means to pay people. They are looking for a talented product designer to join their small (but growing!) design team.

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Last But Not Least

When Equal Isn’t Equitable
Insights & best practices from Microsoft’s Inclusive Research team

“Creativity is the depth of the honesty you express towards your possibility.”
— Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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