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Issue 397


5 More Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Earlier as a Design Manager
From handling user interfaces to handling people.

Accounts & Self-Service UX: Consider Having an “Icon-Based” Dashboard
Using icons in addition to text improves scannability dramatically — yet 81% of sites don’t.

The importance of teachable interactions
Inadequate consideration of how products are taught to users can result in sub-optimal product designs.

Agency Product Designers Have UX Superpowers
In-house teams miss out when interviewers ask them the wrong questions.

User Diary Studies – An effective research method for evaluating user behavior long-term
Learn when diary studies work best, and where it has its limitations as a UX research method.

Tools and Resources

A pack of 227 simple, neutral, carefully crafted icons that you can use in your personal and commercial projects for free.

UX Portfolio

Anavi Kajla
Anavi is a product designer at Coinbase.

UX Job

Product Designer (all-levels welcome) @ SurveyMonkey
SurveyMonkey is looking for a Product Designer who’s curious about data and passionate about building customer-centered products that delight.

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Last But Not Least

How IBM revolutionized corporate America with design
IBM grew on the premise that “good design is good business.”

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”
— Paul Rand