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Issue 365


The State of UX in 2022
This is the moment to recalibrate and reimagine what it means to be a designer, to design, and to be part of a design community.

The product design interview process
What does a modern interview process look like for digital designers?

Stop thinking about flows, start thinking about objects
Why an object-oriented UX approach helps build scalable and consistent systems

5 Facilitation Principles for Both UX Workshops and User Tests
Benefits when facilitators are focused on goals, follow a meeting guide, encourage participants to act, and don’t talk too much.

A Beginner’s Guide To Information Architecture In UX Design
What information architecture means and why it is so important for UX designers to understand the concept.

UX Job

Director Of Product Design at Carefull (Remote)
Carefull helps families with aging loved ones navigate the challenges of day-to-day finances. They are looking for a Director of Product Design to lead their next phase of growth.

Tools and Resources

2021 Design Tools Survey
Results on what tools the design industry is using.

Accessibility Myths
Debunking common accessibility myths.

The best-designed gifts of 2021
Gift guide and creative ideas for holiday shopping.

UX Portfolio

Christina Hui
Christina is a product designer currently based in Detroit.

Last But Not Least

A UX case study on Cash App
The nuance that’s often missing when labeling something as easy.

“It’s easier to be a critic than to produce work. So the only way to get to the end means is to start the domino effect. Which is essentially put out bad work.” — Virgil Abloh

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