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Issue 319


Hey designers, it’s time you learned how the rest of the sausage is made
The more you know about the people, process, and tools involved in writing code, the better off you will be as a designer.

Why we need Mindful Notifications & how to Design them
Notifications today impede our focus, get in the way of our plans, cause cognitive overload, and are too often devoid of meaning.

6 Ways to Improve the Relevance of Cross-Sells in the Cart
The usefulness of cross-sells is directly linked to their relevance to the user’s cart contents.

Design Thinking: The Learner’s Journey
As an individual learns design thinking, they go through 4 learning phases: newcomer, adopter, leader, and grandmaster.

Fulfilling the needs of in-house teams
6 principles for designing internal products.

Tools and Resources

Lessons From the Scariest Design Disaster in American History
Designer and journalist Cliff Kuang shares an excerpt from “User Friendly”.

Shopify Polaris UI kit
Shopify Polaris UI kit now available in Figma.

macOS 11 Big Sur UI Kit
A detailed macOS UI Kit for Sketch.

Designing WhatsApp – Design Details
A chat with Priyanka Kodikal, a design manager leading consumer design at WhatsApp.

UX Portfolio

Josh Nelson
Josh is a Product Designer at CBS Sports.

Last But Not Least

A UX Analysis of Cyberpunk 2077’s HUD
Finding a balance between visual flair and effective communication.

“Design needs to be plugged into human behavior. Design dissolves in behavior.”
— Naoto Fukasawa