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Issue 307


Absolutely FAB
How the Floating Action Button became a Material Design icon.

Using object-oriented user experience for software development
Using Object-Oriented User Experience to help UX designers and developers to think uniformly and gain better insight into the customer’s needs.

How to find your niche as a UI/UX designer the other way
Pick your niche according to your own values.

Wicked Problems: Building Empathy by Designing “With”
A movement of participatory design attempts to address questions of value and ethic.


UserBit: A Research Platform for UX Teams to Better Understand User Needs
As a UX designer, you know the value of research when it comes to solving product-specific challenges. UserBit gives you all the tools you need to boost your research workflow. Manage interviews & feedback, analyze survey data, create personas, journey maps, and more, in real-time with your team.

Tools and Resources

Color Controversy
Is there a color that is interpreted differently the most?

Instagram story inspiration for designers.

A virtual whiteboard for real-time collaboration.


Being intentional about your career decisions
Interview with Rachel Inman about her career path thus far and how to lead by example.

UX Portfolio

Adrian Zumbrunnen
Adrian is an interface Designer leading A.I. based efforts at Google on Lens and Assistant.

Last But Not Least

Design constraints are not restraints — they stoke creativity
Constraints are keys to unlocking long-term design solutions.

“Get in over your head as often and as joyfully as possible.”
— Alexander Isley

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