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Issue 283


Do you know the law that makes or breaks a UX designer? — Hick’s Law
Why our users have been smashing keyboards everywhere?

Finding time: how to increase heads-down time to design
Good design derives from good thinking. And good thinking is highly correlated to how much time you spend.

iOS and Android Design Differences
Adapting an app’s design to another platform is crucial. But what exactly sets design for iOS and Android apart?

The Current State of Checkout UX
18 common design pitfalls and strategic oversights applicable to most e-commerce sites.

Designing For Humans, Not Users
Defining a person (or human) as a user takes away their individuality and reduces them to a robot with brains.


Webinar: How To Design Forms Like An Expert!

Join the Master Class webinar on how to design enjoyable and usable forms!

You’ll learn from Zoltan Kollin, UX educator and Design Principal at IBM. This webinar will show you how to improve the UX of your forms to drive higher completions—and conversions! Even if you cannot make it for the live broadcast, register to get a recording to watch later. Your registration also includes a live Q&A with the speaker, so save your spot today!

Tools and Resources

How Spotify organizes work in Figma to improve collaboration
A look at how Spotify shaped Figma to suit their needs. They even shared their Figma Ways of Working file.

Interface In Game
Explore a collection of video game interfaces and find inspiration for your designs.

UX Coffee Hours
A volunteer driven platform where aspiring UX-ers can connect and schedule virtual coffee conversations with experienced UX professionals.

Line Icons
2000+ free line icons.

404 Illustrations
Open-source catchy illustrations for perfect error pages.

Contra Wireframe Kit
A starter wireframe kit for quick design and prototyping your idea.


Design Portfolios with Martijn van den Broeck – UX & Growth Podcast
Martijn van den Broeck talks about the art and science of design portfolios.

What a UX Career Looks Like Today (PDF)
A look into the skills and responsibilities needed to work in UX today.

UX Portfolio

Imani Joy
Imani is a product designer for Pathrise.

Last But Not Least

Designer Emoji
A suite of emojis inspired by the unique experiences we go through as designers, and people living through 2020.

“The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.”
— Hick’s Law

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