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Issue 250


Are bad designers hiding behind the term “UX”?
Why UX designers should pay more attention to the visual quality of their outputs.

The ABCs of Design Systems
The A-Z guide for operating your design system team

Bringing A Better Design Process To Your Organization
Creating a design process that accounts for complexity, addresses design problems early, and avoids relying too heavily on third parties.

Mobile E-Commerce UX: Deemphasize ‘Install App’ Ads or Avoid Them Entirely
A study that reveals “Install App” ads causing severe and disruptive issues.

How storyboarding from real data drives good product decisions
How to create a data-driven storyboard.


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Tools and Resources

Nudge for Prototypes
Collect user insights from your prototypes without having to install or write code.

Free Logo Maker
Create a free logo in minutes.

Illustrations that are free to use.

UX Portfolio

Robin Rotman
Robin is a Senior Product Designer at Atlassian.

Last But Not Least

The brilliant UI and UX design of classic 1990s anime
We can learn a lot from the user interfaces found in anime that was made three decades ago.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist see the opportunity in every difficulty.”
— Winston Churchill

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