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Issue 229


A Guide to Better Designer Client Relationships
Take a client-first viewpoint to improve your relationship.

Lessons learned building a design system at scale
How built their design system and how you can get a head start building yours.

Human error: an important ingredient in great designs
The types of errors we make and how to design for them.

Managing from the Heart
How one’s own personal “UX” shaped her approach to UX research management.

How To Organize Files In A Design Agency
Clay’s file organization structure to help agencies and design teams.


[GUIDE] How and When to Collect Feedback, and What to Do with It
Qualaroo has created a guide containing the fundamentals of gathering user feedback online. Discover what questions to ask, when to use which channels, insight on the best time to ask for feedback and tips from UX influencers across the globe.

Download your free guide now.

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Tools and Resources

The Boolean Game
A puzzle game to learn about boolean operations in apps like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD.

Checklist Design
A collection of the best UX and UI practices.

Awesome Design Tools
A curated list of the best design tools for ever need.

Friendly Faces
Generate a friendly, inclusive avatar.

Illustrations Gallery
Royalty-free illustrations for your projects.

UX Portfolio

Kerwin Chen
Kerwin is a product designer working in the blockchain industry.

Last But Not Least

Pseudo Design Titles
A satirical title generator for designers seeking a title apart from other designers.

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge”
— Thomas Berger

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