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Issue 218


8 Little Tricks To Grow Your Career
A few bite-sized pieces of advice to help you level up on your design career.

Design Audits
What are design audits, why you need one, and how to do them.

How to run a research session if you’re not a design researcher
How one UX writer took research into her own hands.

Using Comic strips and Storyboards to test your UX Concepts
Combining sketching and comic strips to test potential future workflows and ideas.

Separating Content
Establishing content hierarchy with divider lines.

Research Questions Are Not Interview Questions
The most significant source of confusion in design research is the difference between research questions and interview questions.


Design Your Next Career with Flatiron School’s UX/UI Design Immersive
The world’s leading UX/UI design course is now available in New York. Apply today to join the most comprehensive design program focused exclusively on user interface and user experience design. .

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Tools and Resources

Evernote Design
A collection of bookmarks for designers.

A comprehensive database of the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces.

A Strategic Storytelling Tutorial
A step by step to organize data that tells a story.

Free illustrations for your projects.

Create mockups that make your mobile or website design standout.

UI Sound Inspiration for UX/UI Design
Learn sound design for user interfaces by example.

Velocity UI Kit
A responsive dashboard UI kit and design system for Sketch, Photoshop and InVision Studio.


Design Leadership Summit 2018
Talks from Jared Spool, Kim Fellman, Josh Brewer, and more.

UX Portfolio

Pratibha Joshi
Pratibha is a Product designer from Seattle who enjoys creating user-centric, delightful and human experiences.

Last But Not Least

Google UX Confessions
From inventing fictitious calendar entries to incorporating personal photos in design mocks, listen in to Google designers’ deepest design confessions.

“The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding. We are swimming in the former. We are desperately lacking in the latter.”
— Malcolm Gladwell

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