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Issue 197


Product Design: Expectations vs Reality
Some of the mistakes we make and the expectations we have when designing digital products.

Is Agile the Enemy (of Good Design)?
The only way to battle short-termism and the urge to cut corners is to show great results.

How to create design principles that people actually use
Make your design team better by making design principles with lasting power.

Motion design in digital products: a white paper
The value of motion in digital products, challenges when it comes to delivering motion, metrics worth examining, and more.

If we want a faster web, we have to talk about performance in a broader context.

Toggle-Switch Guidelines
This simple user-interface component can make a big impact on user experience.

Tools and Resources

Nutrition Cards for Accessible Components A11Y Expectations
Simplifying the accessibility expectations when it comes to components.

UI Sources
Mobile design patterns and interactions from the best designed and top grossing apps.

An interface design tool that empowers design and development teams to collaborate in the creation of digital products. For more, Read the intro.

UX Tricks
A blog and bookstore for leveling up design skills.


Design Notes
A podcast about creative work and what it teaches us.

User Experience Design is Product Management
Jared Spool talks about design leadership, learning, and measuring success.

Refactoring UI: The Book
Learn how to design beautiful user interfaces by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer’s point-of-view.

UX Portfolio

Erica Heinz
Erica is a freelance UX designer who posted her new UX portfolio as a spreadsheet.

UX Job

UX Designer/Frontend Developer at CrowdTwist, Inc. – New York, NY
CrowdTwist is seeking a hybrid UX Designer/Frontend Developer for their growing team based in New York City.

Last But Not Least

Amazon Dark Pattersn
How Amazon censors unhappy customer.

“Great designers don’t fall in love with their solution. Great designers fall in love with the problem.”
— Jared Spool

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