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Issue 177


Really Bad Design Exercises
Design exercises can be really awful, if you let them.

My 6-point microcopy checklist for non-UX writers
Use this checklist to make your writing clear and to the point.

Creating User-friendly forms
Some tips to make your forms easier to use.

Immersive Design: The Next 10 Years of Interfaces
A look into what happens when we design beyond a screen.

A Primer to Web Accessibility for Designers
Quick wins to make your designs more inclusive.

Getting co-creative with research
When we invite users (and our teammates) into the generative side of design, everyone benefits.

Where Digital Product Design is Going
The digital product design industry needs leaders who put empathy, inclusion, and a humanistic vantage into all parts of the work they do.


Claim Your Free .design Domain Today
Innovative companies like Facebook ( and Airbnb (, along with thousands of designers have embraced the new .design domain. Get your free .design domain.

Tools and Resources

Supernova Studio
Convert Sketch into iOS, Android and React apps in minutes. For more, check out Introducing Supernova.

macOS UI Library
A comprehensive macOS UI Library the team at Sketch used to build their app.

Photoshop 101 Email Course
A free email course with 7 daily tutorials, downloadable templates, and a cheat sheet.

Hopefully, the Ultimate Guide to a Flat Icon Set
Tips and tricks when designing flat icons.

UI Faces – Avatars for design mockups
When you need avatars for design mockups.


Steve Portigal – User Defenders podcast
The importance of rapport-building and how a little empathy can go a long way in field research.

Interaction 18 Gallery – Airtable
All the content about Interaction 18 in a concise format.

UX Portfolio

Kellyn Loehr
Kellyn has worked tools for aerial drone photography, security services for WiFi routers and more.

UX Job

UX Designer at Dealer Market Exchange – Anywhere / Remote
Envision and design products for desktop, web, mobile web, native mobile, tablet, wearables, VR, AR and AppleTV.

Last But Not Least

The ability to feel empathy—or not—is shaped by your genes
Genetics explain a significant chunk of differences in abilities to understand others’ emotions.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”
— Aristotle

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