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Issue 143


Stealing Your Way to Original Designs
A primer in using other influences to create an original design.

How Human Memory Works: Tips for UX Designers
Designers can create human-centered interfaces that correspond to the natural abilities of the user by knowing how memory works.

What To Do If Your Product Isn’t Growing
How critical user journeys can help a product take off.

The critical difference between user research and market research
Both qualitative and quantitative research is important and necessary, but in service design, we should always start with rich, qualitative insights.

Dropdown alternatives for better (mobile) forms
A collection of input controls that work better than dropdowns.

Designing The Perfect Date And Time Picker
Responsive design patterns and best practices for designing date and time pickers.

Designing better tables for enterprise applications
How to design tables in enterprise applications and avoid commonly made mistakes.

Tools & Resources

QritiQ — A community for good design feedback
A community for designers to share and learn.

Framer Gradients
Framer added the ability to create, customize, and animate gradients.

Type Hero
Try Google fonts in style.

A tool to make beautiful 3D models in VR.


Free O’Reilly Design Ebooks
Enhance your design skills with these free ebooks from experts in UX design, design for the IoT, data-informed design, and more.

August De Los Reyes – High Resolution
The Head of Design at Pinterest talks his outlook on design, inclusive design, and why diverse teams have the best shot at combatting disabilities and exclusion.

UX Portfolio

Renee Lin
Renee is a UX designer at Royal Bank of Canada. She wrote a case study about redesiging that takes you through her thought process.

UX Job

User Experience Strategist (Intermediate) at Engine Digital – New York, NY
Support the research, planning, and design of web and mobile UI systems, producing various forms of deliverables including personas, schematics, wireframes, and prototypes.

Last But Not Least

New to UX Design? Feeling Overwhelmed?
How to keep up with everything that’s going on in the world of design.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”
— Robert Peters