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Issue 468

As the year draws to a close, I hope your holiday break is filled with intuitive interfaces, seamless interactions, and zero error messages.


Who is responsible for the impact of innovative products?
How can it be that a) all products are designed, b) designers want to create something good for the world and c) so many products are total garbage?

Navigation patterns in mobile applications. How to make the right choice?
Exploring the most common navigation practices in the market.

Communication Practices for Increasing UX Maturity
Improve your organization’s UX maturity by increasing UX awareness and knowledge through purposeful UX-related communication.

The UX of delivering parcels
Shipping and logistics companies aren’t just moving goods, they play a key role in the general user experience of eCommerce.

Improve Validation Errors with Adaptive Messages
98% of sites in their benchmark don’t use error messages targeted specifically at the exact problem that triggered the error.


Build and style your site exactly how you want
Drag in unstyled HTML elements, control CSS properties, and cascade changes across your site. Then, take full control of CSS properties and a class system that cascades changes across your site — plus use variables to sync with external design systems.

Figma Dev Mode vs. Zeplin – What’s the best design handoff tool? (Video)
Dev Mode will require a paid seat in 2024. UX Tools, the creators of the annual survey, dive into a video review of Figma Dev Mode vs Zeplin. Watch

Tools and Resources

The Design System Guide
All the essential resources for setting up a design system.

Introducing Spectrum 2: Our vision for the future of Adobe experience design
A preview of the comprehensive update coming to Adobe’s design system.

Sketch in 2023: What have we been up to?
A look back at everything shipped this year — from major Smart Layout updates, to importing Figma files, and a whole lot more.

Figma’s 2023 Handoff
Taking stock and signing off to 2023, and bringing the best of Figma into 2024.

UX Portfolio

Martin Merschroth
Martin is a product designer currently at BCG X.

Last But Not Least

Evolving the infinite canvas
In the digital world, especially on the web, we’re used to things being stacked vertically.

“Don’t try to be original. Just try to be good.”
— Paul Rand

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