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Issue 467


The Creative Playground
The magic formula for creative fun: Less decisions — more room for play.

Is the flat design trend finally over?
Designers might be at a crossroads with flat design and more detailed and three-dimensional design elements.

Why carousels don’t work
Carousels are often used as a compromise between multiple stakeholders.

Recipe for UX Rapid Research
Cook up a five-star UX Research experience that will have your whole organization hungry for more.


Design without limits with Figma Professional
Ready to design without constraints? Figma Professional offers unlimited projects, libraries, version history, and more—only with the Figma Pro plan. Learn more.

Manage all your links in one spot with a .bio domain name.
A .bio domain gives designers, devs, and entrepreneurs the perfect place to share their work in one spot. From a Link In Bio page to a website showcasing your latest project, .bio represents who you are. Get a bio domain for under $3 at Porkbun.

Tools and Resources

Visual Electric
AI image generator built for the creative process.

Design Systems Database
Design Systems with components and foundations references from top-tier tech companies and leading UI teams.

2023 Design Tools Survey Results
How tools are evolving with the use of AI

Deep Dive — Figma prototyping masterclass (from the team who designed it)
A behind-the-scenes look at everything that led up to the advanced prototyping release at Config.

UX Portfolio

Austine Joy
Austine is a Product Designer based in India.

Last But Not Least

How we think about designer growth after 6+ years at FAANG
We, designers, are builders and dreamers. Let’s not limit ourselves to a narrow definition of “design”.

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”
— Dr. Edwin Land

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