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Issue 463


Are Designers Happy? Our New “State of the Designer” Report Aims to Find Out
What it takes for designers to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their roles now that work has radically changed.

The Gulf Between Design and Engineering
How we can define better workflows when building digital products.

The science behind inspiration and how to design more of it into your life
Practical ways to nurture creative practices in the everyday

Minimalist Affordances: Making the right tradeoffs
A common incarnation of form-over-function, is when designers start identifying signifiers and affordances as noise to be eliminated.


Share libraries, not frustrations
Figma helps you keep work consistent and efficient with access to shared design libraries – only with Figma Professional.

Share your links all in one spot with a .bio domain name.
Designers, devs, brands and entrepreneurs need to engage their audience and share their work all in one spot. From a Link In Bio page to a site showing your latest project, a .bio domain name is the solution. Get a bio domain for under $3 at Porkbun.

Tools and Resources

Understanding Accessibility
A site to help web designers learn the basics of accessibility, so they can maximize the impact of their designs.

Introducing AI to FigJam
FigJam’s new AI features help bring the power of visual collaboration to even more people.

Run link surveys, in-app surveys and email surveys in one app — all privacy-first.

UX Portfolio

Martin Ollivere
Martin is a designer who has worked with start-ups and famous names from all over the world.

Last But Not Least

The Cost of Obsessing Over Design Perfection
The danger of design perfectionism and why you should prioritize usability and communication over subjective aesthetics.

“A farmer that who would stick rigidly to plan, instead of sensing and adjusting to reality, would quickly grow hungry.”
— Frederic Laloux

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