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Issue 458


The constant tension between design tools and soft skills
Which is more important – learning new design tools or honing our soft skills?

Design as craft is over
Design is like cooking. Most people need the nourishment, only a few want a gourmet meal.

The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Startup Design Team
Everything you need to take your design team started from day one.

The ELIZA Effect – Why We Love AI
Users quickly attribute human-like characteristics to artificial systems, which reflect their personality back to them.


Figma Dev Mode vs. Zeplin – What’s the best design handoff tool? (Video)
Dev Mode will require a paid seat in 2024. UX Tools, the creators of the annual survey, dive into a video review of Figma Dev Mode vs Zeplin. Watch

Tools and Resources
The only footer gallery on earth.

Figma to HTML website Webflow plugin
Turn your static designs into clean, production-ready code with the Figma to Webflow plugin.

Adobe Photoshop in the browser
Photoshop is now available on the web.

UX Portfolio

Igor Sokoltsov
Igor is a product designer with over 5 years of experience focused on developing and maintaining design systems.

Last But Not Least

Living Color: Designing through synesthesia
How a design director’s experience with synesthesia influenced her learning in design

“I see AI as a tool. When designers master that tool, they can expand their ability. That is what happened with previous tools.”
— Paola Antonelli

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