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Issue 452


The value of good design
Prioritizing and investing in design from the start can set the stage for sustained success, creating a product that not only works but truly resonates with users.

Leaning into Business as In-House Designers
If you want a “seat at the table,” you must learn the language and motivations that drive those already seated there.

7 reasons to replace advanced search with filters so users can easily find what they need
Compared to in-context filters, advanced search gives users an unnecessarily bad experience.

The tyranny of collaborative ideation
Collaborative ideation was never meant to be, and science tells us to go solo instead. Let’s take a closer look.

Are We Losing Color? All Logos Are Starting To Look The Same.
A new colorless stylistic trend for app icons.


Figma Dev Mode vs. Zeplin: 6 things your team needs to know
With the rollout of Dev Mode, lots of Figma users are wondering whether Dev Mode and Zeplin do the same thing. The short answer is no — and we’ve broken down the differences feature-by-feature to help explain exactly why they’re different. Find out which tool is better for your team. Learn more

Learn about Brandeis University’s online master’s degree in User-Centered Design
The program is designed for working professionals looking to earn a high-quality education in a flexible format. Explore our program.

Tools and Resources

Jambot brings the generative power of ChatGPT to FigJam. Read the backstory.

Nicely designed decks for your next presentation.

Playbook for universal design
A collection of methods that can be used in any design process to plan and facilitate universal design work.
Before you settle on basing design decisions on a handful of strict breakpoints, make sure you consider the vast fragmentation of screen sizes and browser viewports.

UX Portfolio

Serhii Shepel
Serhii is an independent designer based in Urkaine who has worked with brands all over the globe.

Looking to find your next UX gig? Join my UX talent collective and check out the UX job board.

Last But Not Least

Guess the Color
Guess the color by name.

“What is usually difficult to understand is that a “good-looking” product is something that is embedded in the way it is made.”
— Marina Peluso

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