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Issue 442


Leveraging the strengths of LLMs for creativity & thinking
Turn LLMs into your creative teammate and thinking companion.

Design Under Constraints: Challenges, Opportunities, And Practical Strategies
Constraints aren’t barriers but instead stepping stones to innovative design.

What’s UnAI-able
Actions, tasks, and skills that require humans to constantly be in the loop to make key and pivotal decisions.

Blending digital and physical: Designing for spatial passthrough experience
Navigating existing patterns of passthrough use cases, tips for UX design in the context of passthrough, and a glimpse into the future of this technology.

Language Model Sketchbook, or Why I Hate Chatbots
Sketchy ideas for interfaces that play with the novel capabilities of language models.


Don’t know where to start with user research? Try these templates
Want to see how leading organizations do usability testing or customer interviews? Dovetail’s new community has 100s of user-generated templates created by the best in the biz. Get started free today.

Tools and Resources

Framer AI
Generate and publish your site with AI in seconds

UX Bites
A collection of bite-sized UX interactions. – Figma Plugin
Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs.

Generate UX personas for your product and chat with them.

UX Portfolio

Elliot Rylands
Elliot is a Senior Product Designer based in London.

Looking to find your next UX gig? Join my UX talent collective and check out the UX job board.

Last But Not Least

The perfect drawing tool
How to find your perfect partner in crime.

“The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.”
— Nolan Bushnell

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