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Issue 417


From Web Page to Web Player
How Spotify designed a new homepage experience.

Forage, Make Sense, Tell a Story: 3 Steps to Successful UX Discovery
Start by embracing your inner UX trash animal.

How to Answer UX Job Interview Questions
Shine brightly in your UX job interviews using STAR and METEOR.

From type to logotype
How you use type to create something unique is more important than starting with a unique typeface.


Become a better UI designer in 5 minute lessons 🎉
Practical, no-nonsense UI design tips. Learn to create great designs (even if if you’re not artsy). 50,000+ readers.

Tools and Resources

Noise & Texture – Figma plugin
Dynamically generate seamless tiled noise, textures, patterns, gradients, and more.

Hand-picked color palette for your brand.

File Thumbnail Kit – Figma Plugin
Easily add teammates’ avatars, custom fields & statuses, & instance swap between templates or themes.

2022 Design Tools Survey Results`
Figma continues to dominate the competition.

Design System Canvas
A structure to help designers champion the value of design systems.

UX Portfolio

Stef Ivanov
Stef is a freelance UX UI Designer based in London.

UX Job

Product Designer, Payroll @ Square (Remote)
As a Product Designer on the Payroll team, you’ll oversee design decisions that directly influence the product and roadmap.

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Last But Not Least

When to Design for Emergence
A different paradigm for thinking about the way we design products, tools, and services.

“The best kind of design isn’t necessarily an object, a space, or a structure: it’s a process—dynamic and adaptable.”
— Don Norman

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