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Issue 412


The Creative Switch
The basic recipe for good ideas is really simple: Just create a lot of options and then pick the best one.

Hostile Patterns in Error Messages
Premature error messages, aggressively styled fields, and unnecessarily disruptive system-status messages feel bad-mannered and increase cognitive load for users during otherwise simple tasks.

Designing the Perfect Button
Everything you need to know about what makes a button great.

Designing The Perfect Mobile Navigation UX
When designing navigation on mobile, we don’t have to rely on slide-in-menus or nested accordions.


How to save time for your entire product team
Product teams that use Figma could save over 10 hours a week by cutting down on the endless back-and-forth between design and development teams. See how

Tools and Resources

3D for anyone in the browser.

Sketch out your UX projects without paper.

UX Portfolio

Leah Lee
Leah is a product designer and grad student at Carnegie Mellon University with a passion for 3D and AR/VR.

UX Job

Product Designer at Notion (San Francisco, CA)
Notion is looking for a designer who can balance vision, craft, speed, and business potential.

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Last But Not Least

A UX teardown of the Google Ads platform 💸
Google Ads made over 200 billion last year but is flawed, inconsistent and a demonstration that operating at a large scale can create inefficiencies.

β€œI alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”
β€” Mother Teresa

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